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The builders weren’t working long at 955-959 Sterling Place before they jeopardized Crown Heights’ historic buildings. Thanks to the concerns raised by our neighbors, the city temporarily forced the builders to stop construction while they improve safety plans and set strategies for monitoring their effects on other buildings. But now that construction has resumed, your home may still be at risk. Here are steps you can take to protect it and stop unsafe conditions.

Document Your Home

Vibration monitoring services record the movement of a building due to nearby construction.  Any movement recorded over a certain tolerance will be considered damaging to the property. If your property is shaking as a result of the construction, first call the builder’s representative (below) and ask if the builder has hired a company to monitor your property, and ask to review the data they’ve collected. If they’re not monitoring the property or refuse to share the data, you may want to hire your own company. One architect we’ve consulted has seen instances of the cost of private monitoring systems ultimately paid by the builders.

The builder is Triton Construction Co., and the site manager is Lance Franklin (212-388-5700). The site safety manager is John Behan of Total Safety Consulting (201-437-5150).

Important: Please summarize your contacts with the builder in an email to both Friends of 920 Park (friendsof920park@riseup.net) and Community Board 8 (brooklyncb8@gmail.com). We have been working with our council members here to make the developer and builder answer to the community’s concerns.

Film it. If your home is shaking, you should immediately document the structural elements of your property. We recommend recording video and photographs of walls, joists, seams and corners. In the case that the construction is creating visible adverse effects on your property, these images will help support your claims.

Report Unsafe Conditions

Call 311

  • Give the operator the site address (955 Sterling Place) and tell them you are calling to report unsafe conditions due to excavation. For example, if you feel shaking in your home due to the construction machinery, you would report an “unstable building” and “excavations” to route the complaint. 
  • Save your reference number and/or provide an email address where the operator can share it with you.
  • Forward your service request number to friendsof920park@riseup.net and brooklyncb8@gmail.com

Call DEP

  • Neighbors have reported illegal hydrant use to (718) 923-2601. Tell them they are using the hydrant WITHOUT a reverse pressure zone (RPZ) valve and this is why you suspect they don’t have a permit. 

Call the Developer

  • Call (646) 661-3945 and leave a message that will be forwarded to all principals of the development team
  • Alternatively, you can email community@959sterling.com

Document Construction Disturbances

As the MTA reminds us, if you see something, say something. Take pictures and/or video of any disturbances related to the construction and send it to friendsof920park@riseup.net with a time and date and short description. Anything from safety concerns to noise and litter should be documented and shared. Your documentation can be reported anonymously, just indicate it in your email.

Join the Fight

We’re planning a lawsuit to revoke the Landmark Preservation Commission’s approval for this building. Find out more here and contribute to the fight here.

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